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    MPKarting (Lanas).

    For those who want to go fast, you can visit an outdoor karting circuit a few km from our holiday homes Beauzonnette.

    For children from 7 years and of course also for adults you can really let yourself go at MP Karting in Lanas.

    Release all brakes!

    Phone +33 475 39 61 64

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    Climbing in the trees

    Ardèche Adventure Camp

    What certainly appeals to children and youth is the Ardèche Adventure Camp on the edge of the Chassezac in Grospierres. There are different levels of difficulty for every age.
    Everyone who has been there will definitely want to return!

    Phone +33 649 56 39 54

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    Driving a Buggy

    Ardèche Loisir Mecanique

    For a trip by Buggy of 1 hour, you can go to Ardèche Loisir Mecanique in Grospierres. Excitment is assured, especially after a rain shower. Make sure to bring extra clothing.
    This is for the daredevils among us!

    Phone +33 475 39 06 59

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    The Ardèche department has several rivers.

    The Ardèche, the Chassezac, the Labeaume and the Drobie are only a few km from Lablachère. So if you want something different than enjoying the private pool, there are plenty of alternatives.

    Entertainment at the edge of the river is certainly worth trying.

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    Fly ULM

    Ardèche ULM (Aérodrome d’Aubenas Lanas)

    If you want to explore the wide surroundings of Lablachère from the air, you can go to Ardèche ULM in Lanas.

    Phone +33 686 46 92 66

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    Farm Équestre (Saint Albain-Auriolles)

    We know several nice places where you can go horse riding. Or you can walk along the river while your children ride the pony.
    For example, at the farm Équestre you can take guided walks of an hour, two hours or half a day.

    Phone +33 685 09 72 78

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    Rock climbing

    Via ferrata (Lac de Villefort)

    For the adventurous climbers among us you can do rock climbing at the lake of Villfort.
    You can climb the rock trail together with a guide from Gecco Aventure.

    Phone +33 475 93 31 16

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    Chassezac trail climbing

    Via corda Ardèche (Casteljau)

    For those who are adventurous and are not afraid of heights, we can certainly recommend the climbing trail in the canyon of the Chassezac.

    Phone +33 475 93 31 16

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    Mini boats

    Mini-bateaux (Grospierres)

    If you have very small children, this is definitely recommended.
    In the middle of the park in Grospierres your children can steer these electrical boats themselves.

    Phone +33 475 94 98 68

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    Definitely not to be missed are the local French markets.

    In our area there are daily markets and some night markets in summer and winter.

    At Sunday morning there is always a local market in Lablachère.

    French markets

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    Zoo Prehistorique de Marzal

    Aven Marzal (Saint-Remèze)

    If your small children are interested in the history of dinosaurs, the prehistoric dino park of Marzal is definitely recommended.

    Phone +33 475 04 12 45

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    High/Low Chassezac and Canyon Basis of Besorgues

    Canyoning is probably one of the most spectacular outdoor sports you can do. With canyoning you walk, swim, climb, slide and jump through the wild river. A canyon is a beautiful and impressive environment where you normally do not come so quickly.

    Telefoon +33 475 94 98 68

    Phone +33 786 22 78 45



Cascade de Ray Pic

A protected site since 1931, the Ray-Pic waterfall rises 60 meters above the beautiful surroundings of the basalt columns. The river Bourges wells up in full lava flows and then flows further on the trail of a lava flow that is 35,000 years old.


Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc

The Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc is located on the Ardèche plateau and is a high stack of phonological rocks with a height of 1551 meters. In a walk of half an hour you can reach the top to discover the exceptional view there. The Loire has its origin in Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc.


Gorge de l'Ardèche

Between Vallon Pont d'Arc and Saint Martin d'Ardèche stretches the mountain pass over 17 miles. The canyon was created 110 million years ago. The impressive Gorges de l'Ardèche was classified as a nature reserve in 1980.


Labeaume and Balazuc

There are many villages in the area that are definitely worth a visit.  Balazuc and Labeaume are among the most beautiful villages in France and are located only a few km from oour holiday homes.

In Labeaume at the other side of the bridge there is a viewpoint where you have a beautiful panoramic view over the whole village and the river.


Grotte Chauvet 2

Chauvet was discovered in 1994 by Jean-Marie Chauvet, Éliette Brunel and Christian Hillaire. The cave contains the earliest known drawings in the world (30,000 to 32,000 BC). At 1 mile from the real cave, a copy has been built that is certainly worth a visit.

Phone +33 475 94 39 40


Cave de Lablachère

IIn the cave of Lablachère you can taste and buy numerous quality wines and regional wines. Highly recommended are the wines Chatus, Faisses, Viognier and the organic wine Les Beauzons.

Phone +33 475 36 65 37


Grotte de Cocalière

One of the most beautiful caves in France is located in the neighbourhood. The Cocalière cave is definitely worth a visit. During the summer it is nice place to cool down.

Phone +33 466 24 34 74


Bois de la Païolive

Near the village Les Vans you can have nice hikes in the forest of Païolive. It is an impressive forest with petrified rocks and white oaks.




Paintball (Jaujac)

ARDÈCHE BIO PAINTBALL offers you an outdoor sports activity where teams can compete on different terrains. Equipped with one air-filled marker and biodegradable paintballs, a safety mask, a suit and a protective chest protector.

Phone +33 475 89 09 09


Crocodile farm

The crocodiles farm is a zoo with a large indoor enclosure that houses many hundreds of crocodiles. This crocodile zoo is located in Pierrelatte. In addition to the crocodiles, there are also turtles and birds to view.

Phone + 33 475 04 33 73


Bambouseraie de Prafrance

Near Anduze, La Bambouseraie de Prafrance is a park with a bamboo forest with stems up to 28 m high. The park was planted in 1856 by Eugène Mazel. In this park there are also redwood trees and one Japanese garden. This park is also accessible by a steam train from St Jean du Gard.

Phone +33 466 61 70 47


Tour de Brison

The tower is said to have been built in the 8th century. In the summer, the tower still serves as a lookout for forest fires. From this one place you have a beautiful panorama. With clear weather you can even discover the Alps.

A few miles back you can visit Auberge de la Tour de Brison, where you can have a drink or a delicious meal (especially desserts) while you can enjoy the view.



In our holiday homes you can find different maps with described walks.

We can also provide you with a hiking GPS or the GPX files of these hikes.


Tour de la Vierge (Chapias)

At Tour de la Vierge in Chapias you have a very nice view of the complete region, similar as at Tour de Brison.

The Chapias Tower is located on the route to the village Labeaume.


Pont du gard

The Pont du Gard is an aqueduct/bridge built by the Romans in the first century AD. The structure is 49 meters high, making it the highest antique bridge in the world. The bridge consists of 3 rows of arches placed on top of each other (6 arches in the bottom layer, 11 in the second layer and 47 in the top layer). This structure was also very rare in ancient times. The gigantic structure was completed by about a thousand people in just 5 years!

Phone +33 466 37 50 99


Urban Exploring

For those who want to do urban exploring, we know some top secret places in our area that are worth discovering.

Confidentiality must be guaranteed!


Motorcycle routes

The Ardèche region is very suitable to be explored by motorbikes. A long the way you can enjoy many beautiful panoramic views and nice villages. We have several GPX motorcycle routes available.

Certainly a challenge for the better cornering!


La Garde-Guérin

The fortified town of La Garde-Guérin in the Cevennes used to be the domain of the equal knights who guided and protected travelers on the Voie Régordane.

The lookout tower from the 12th century offers a beautiful view over the gorges of the Chassezac.



La Base Nautique du lac de Villefort

The artificial lake of Villefort welcomes you for water sports, hiking, or simply to enjoy the sun on the equipped beach. The nautical base team is at your disposal every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in a good-natured and relaxed atmosphere. As you wish, you can enjoy sailing lessons with a qualified instructor, or sail with friends, alone or with family on our various boats.

The nautical base is open every year from mid June to the end of August.



Station de la Croix de Bauzon

Located in the Ardèche, in the heart of the Tanargue massif, the Croix de Bauzon ski station is located at 1365m altitude.
Croix de Bauzon is a nature and recreation area for hikers, mountain bikers and skiers.



In the Ardèche you have numerous restaurants with typical regional dishes: Auberge Les Murets, L'Olivier de Paiolive, Auberge Gonflée, Hotel de l'Europe, Auberge de la Tour Brison, Le Grain de Malice, Le Jardin Des Secrets and many others.

We are happy to give you personal advice!


The vineyards in the south of the Ardèche offer a strong impression of the diversity of country wines, of the grape varieties and the wines with guaranteed designation of origin.

Lablachère has a cooperative winecave with very good regional wines.

Winegrowing is now the main agricultural production in the Ardèche.